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Brian Frishman

Would you like to....

  • Understand your conscious and unconscious thought patterns and how they determine your actions and inaction.​

  • Reach a much deeper level of awareness and understanding about your history, desires, and motivations through the primal experience of breathwork.                                 ​

  • Clear out unwanted habits, relationship patterns, family wounds, grievances, griefs, and PTSD to truly forgive yourself and others.​

  • Free your creativity and authentic self and begin living a more fulfilling life.


What is Nurturing Breathwork?

When we begin to breathe fully and consciously, we are able to release what we have been holding on to and open ourselves to an incredible expansion of consciousness including the liberating experience of self-forgiveness for ourselves and others, thereby increasing our love of self and empathy for others. This allows us to diminish and end self-sabotaging thought patterns, past regrets, and future fears.

My breathwork sessions last for up to two hours. The first session includes a thorough intake session where we explore and discuss your current life situation as well as what you know about your childhood, family patterns, and relationships. This is followed by a fifty minute breathing session. In the final part of the session there is time to share more of your experience as we explore and process what came up. I’ll offer suggestions and optional assignments to integrate into your life until our next session.

Breathwork Related Biography

My path to becoming a Breathworker began in the early 80's while training in Bioenergetics, founded in 1954 by Alexander Lowen, M.D.  Bioenergetics, was a forerunner in the western world of the now widely used practices synthesizing the mind/body connection, and the critical importance of breath. During my Bioenergetic training, beginning in 1980, we practiced transformational breathwork and I had my first psychological transformations during this period. The personal issues I began to transcend were abandonment, betrayal, and a history of physical violence and toxic masculinity. The intensity and depth of emotions and memory that came up from my unconscious was revelatory.

I began using breathwork  as an actor, acting coach, and director for developing characters. Over the next several decades as a theatre director, teacher, and coach, I taught these techniques to professional actors, college and  high school actors, and theatre companies. In the 90s's I received a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre directing at UCLA's School of Theatre, Film, and Television. There, under Jean Louise Rodrigue, I studied the Alexander Technique, a somatic posture technique that retrains habitual patterns of movement and posture. Additional training includes being a Registered Yoga Teacher, workshops in the Gokhale Method, a primal posture technique for a pain-free life, and Fitzmaurice Voicework under Saul Kotzubei.

In 2016 I decided to revisit Breathwork as a client, researched different styles and selected a Clarity Breathworker. That session was so profound, I realized that  I wanted to become a practitioner beyond my work with actors and help others experience the remarkable healing power of the breath.


My experience of breathwork, both personally and with clients, has proven the power of connecting with your unconscious and opening your heart, thereby  healing old wounds, deeply forgiving yourself and others, and experiencing a profound love of self. If you are ready to improve your relationships and discover or rediscover your authentic self, empowering you to live your life with contentment, joy, and kindness, then I hope you will contact me to help you on this journey.


Breathwork has been the most effective healing modality for me, making profound changes in my life. Brian assists me with tangible, unconditional care. This is evident through every interaction I've had with him. I feel safe, heard, and seen. Trusting this process with a person of such integrity has released blockages, especially those associated with male figures from my past.


He's an intuitively strong and gentle giant. I recommend him, without hesitation, to truly care for you in your own unique transformational journey, dissolving fear and unveiling deeper love.

Emma D., New Zealand and California



I began practicing guided breathwork in 1993 with something called Quantum Light Breath, and since then have been guided on over a hundred breathwork journeys with Q.L.B., Holotropic Breathwork, and Clarity Breathwork practitioners.


My experience of Brian is of a strong masculine energy, with a keen sense of presence and attentiveness, balanced with a feminine holding and embracing of the journeyer as they bare themselves to the “full catastrophe” (as Jon Kabat-Zinn puts it). When I started breathing with Brian, I’d had some twenty-five years of breathwork sessions in those three modalities, and a great deal of psychic charge had already been released from the emotional wounding I was carrying.


Up to the point of working with Brian, I’d mostly been able to narrate a “story” about what had taken place during the breathing once a session had ended. With Brian as a guide, it was different. While a story would unfold during the breathwork itself, the all-encompassing expanse of the pain and grief aspect of it would consume the observing mind, leaving a memory of loss, of wailing, and of being wrung-out until the tear ducts seemed that they would run dry. Brian held the space for these sessions, always remaining totally unflappable, while gently and lovingly supporting me as I came back to “ordinary” reality.

Anyone choosing Brian to be their breathwork guide will be in strong, competent, and loving hands.

Robert G, Sacramento CA



Brian is an excellent Breathwork coach. He intuitively knew the best way to guide me through each session, offering great suggestions for integrating my experiences between sessions. His strong presence provided a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore the darker, hidden motivators from my past, and helped me to overcome unhealthy patterns, and live my life more relaxed and joyful. Taking advantage of the 10 session package allowed for a more powerful and life-changing healing process. I highly recommend Brian and breath work as a tool for experiencing life at a higher vibration. 


L. Cody, Nevada City, CA



Brian has such a presence with a beautiful and inviting energy. His loving eyes put me at ease and made me feel very safe. Working with him was powerful and memorable. I was able to reach deep places within myself, knowing I was completely supported and cared for. 

The results were great healing and feelings of well-being. I am grateful to him and highly recommend him as a Breathwork Practitioner.


Cadence Z. Spring Lake Michigan.

To book your free consultation text:

Phone: 1(916)798-2002

Whatsapp 1(310)465-7721 (international)


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